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How to guard against ‘WanaCrypt0r 2.0’ or Ransomware

If you’re reading this having suffered a ransomware attack, the following advice probably comes too late but the first thing you need to do is: immediately disconnect that PC from your network.

But if you haven’t yet suffered an attack, there are several things you should be doing:

Our advice to all users to stay safe around ransomware is:

  • Ensure up-to-date security software is installed on all user devices, these attacks need just one weak point to enter the network and start their encryption process.
  • Ensure all email is virus and spam checked before arriving with users, ideally in the cloud away from your physical network too.
  • Train everyone to be vigilant and to only open email from trusted sources, especially ones with attachments.
  • Backup, backup, backup! If a crypto-locker does manage to catch your data, you can isolate the attack, delete this data and restore from a backup, this avoids you having to pay the ransom and hope that they give you a working decryption key. It’s also important to ensure that any physical hard drive backups remain unplugged from your PC after backup.

Again, if you do get a message on screen that claims to have encrypted data, immediately disconnect that PC from your network. It might sound old school, but this type of attack crawls round your network starting on one PC.  We’ve often found that among our own clients that if you catch it fast, only one PC is affected which you can resolve easily in isolation.

What can Right-Click do for you?

  • We can upgrade to you to the latest operating system or to a new PC 
  • Install Malwarebytes – the only guaranteed solution to keep keep you crypto-locker protected. Call for quote. 
  • On a personal PC we can advise & sell backup solutions including physical hard drives & cloud backups
  • On an organisational level, we can advise, procure and setup secure Microsoft Cloud Backups for your business & effective anti-virus solutions




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  • Bryan O / Yelp Review
    Love this place, bossman Jazz, and the staff too. A sort of brilliantly competent, customer friendly version of the I.T. Crowd, they know their stuff, have everything you need, and can pretty much answer any home or SME computing question you have (or find the answer for you pretty quick).
    Bryan O / Yelp Review