The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new regulation that requires all organisations that collect, store and handle the personal data of European citizens to fully comply with its requirements. It places responsibility on businesses and ensures they are accountable for protecting the data of their customers and employees.

If you process EU citizen data and are not GDPR compliant by 25th May 2018, you are liable to be fined up to €20m or 4% global turnover.

We can help ease your journey…

Although GDPR compliance involves a whole organisational approach, IT plays a vital role in the journey to GDPR for all businesses.  At Right-Click, we can provide the products and services that you need to support your compliancy and regulatory requirements, including IT auditing for GDPR.

GDPR Compliance Reporting

Our qualified engineers will assess your current data protection and privacy management by conducting an on-site review, allowing us to find where there are areas for improvement.

We can then prepare a compliance report with recommendations identifying the key barriers in your IT system to preventing your becoming GPDR compliant.

More GDPR information can be found at:

GDPR and You Website  – GDPR guide from the Irish Data Commissioner

GDPR Guide –  Comprehensive Guide from the UK Information Commissioner

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GDPR is a whole-organisational issue, any area of your organisation where data is collected, processed and/or stored will needs an audit – this includes the company website, accounts, spreadsheets, payroll, phone data collection, CCTV, credit cards, etc.   From a data protection point of view, it is important that your company knows where your data is, and is demonstrate how it is secured in line with GDPR standards.

Most organisations store data in many places with varying degrees of security in place. PCs, cloud storage, hard drives, email, on-site servers as well as tablets and phones all store and/or have the ability to share data.

At Right-Click, we understand the IT aspects of GDPR and can offer the following, to help you with GDPR compliance;

  • GDPR AUDIT: we can carry out on-site audit your computer network and determine all the locations where data is currently stored. We will check equipment and networks for compliance and security settings and encryption.
  • REPORT: we’ll then produce a report from the above audit, make recommendations and quote if necessary.
  • GDPR DOCUMENTATION: for all our support clients, we can create a bespoke IT Security and Data Protection Policy for your organisation and provide additional staff training if necessary.
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